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T Scale 3mm gauge - anybody seen it?

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Hi - I am wondering whether anyone has seen any of the above? Its called T scale standing for 3mm gauge track and was released in Japan last year I think. Possibilities for a working minature garden railway in OO scale? Supposed to have exhibited in Nuremberg this year, mfr site if anyone wants to have a look. 1:450 scale? (my math isn't what it was)

David Y
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amazing miniaturisation.....although the prototypes chosen would posses enough space inside for a decent motor.

what size wheels are used?

I cannot fathom the scale...what gauge track do the prototypes run on?

Interesting..they also sell a pack of bycycles?

don't tell me these are animated as well?
Puffers of Pickering [opposite NYMR station..well worth a visit...has some other gems hidden away too....] have some T stuff in stock..really twee..P.D.Hancock would have loved it for his C&M railway?
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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