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Take a guess where I'm going

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I'm away for a couple of weeks, but I'm back just, for the Taunton 14th (very large), and Weymouth on the 28th two shows we always go to traditionally. yes MrsW likes a bit of ACTION ! Weymouth is particularly nice as it has lots of parking, and after the show we go down into the town for lunch and a rummage through the shops.

This where I'm going

Admiral MMD

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Is that the QE2
I saw her getting launched when I was a kid in Glasgow. She was out here in Ozz a few years back too when I went to see her. Beautiful boat.
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QUOTE (chris holley @ 4 Oct 2006, 02:34) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>sorry to diserpoint thants the queen mary 2 she is not that big, well she is massiove lots of decks an rooms but size wise she is small
I though she was pretty big?
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