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Take a guess where I'm going

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I'm away for a couple of weeks, but I'm back just, for the Taunton 14th (very large), and Weymouth on the 28th two shows we always go to traditionally. yes MrsW likes a bit of ACTION ! Weymouth is particularly nice as it has lots of parking, and after the show we go down into the town for lunch and a rummage through the shops.

This where I'm going

Admiral MMD

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Two weeks after my return from 1 week in Torbay and you post this MMaD, have you no compassion for the poor and needy amongst us ??
Perhaps we'll meet up in Taunton (Sunday for me), if not it won't be on any sort of bloody cruise ship with my bank balance !! Have a good time and relax. Best of luck.
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She would be if she was parked outside your front door. Anyway I always have maintained that size doesn't matter!!
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