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Just been told that this years Talismann is going to be hauled by another A4, namely Bittern. Why didn't they book Clanline? It would make for a brilliant comparision to Union of South Africa and Duchess of Sutherland, and Bittern is going to be in the same paint job as UoSA so it will be the same for the photographers too. As a fan of 35028 I am biased but then wouldn't it of been nice to compare pacific's from the big 3 (I say 3 rather than 4 as GWR didn't have one to preserve to let have a go on the Talismann)

Just a few ramblings from me again, just have to wait to see Tornado on it next!

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Clan Line never does any public railtours other than VSOE. Theres only one this year on the End of Southern Steam Weekend.
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