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Talyllyn Abergynolwyn Station

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Im building Abergynolwyn Station on the Talyllyn at the moment in O gauge and I really need some drawings / photos of the interior so i can model it complete.

If anyone knows how it the interior is laid out or has a plan of the modern building it would be a great help


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i have a friend who is a volunteer on the talyllyn and i will ask him if he can get some pics next time he is down if thats ok
Thankyou - i ended up building a completely made up interior but If he could get some info - sizes etc of the Signal box there that would be wonderful thankyou - its amasing how little there is out there for drawings.......................
Hi there.

I built a 16mm scale model of Abergynolwyn Station some years ago - my drawings of the station were included in a an article I wrote for Railway Modeller at the time. I'll scan them and send you copies if you like?


Here's an image link - you'll need to log into facebook to view.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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