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Ehm, yes,

Hi to all,

Being a 100% eBay'er when it comes to trains i felt like i should add a line or two here.

First of all, from time to time you get really absurd prices or bids which is quite normal: everything is in the eyes of the beholder (i.e. my Class 18 might be more valuable for me than anybodyelse's, or my worthless crane car might mean worlds for somebody else), in general this holds true for "but-it-now" items too for reasons unknown to me (maybe because they are already "there" nobody cares to bid).

Secondly; i think eBay is so good of a resource that we model railroaders must not ignore - or still better, must exploit.

And finally, just like there are good and better sellers/shops in real life they are to be found on eBay too; some might do export/VAT/tax refund stuff and some gives a rats a... for foreign bidders - that's their concern.

I believe that no observation of any one person on this topic can/will/should is enough to change one's mind. So I think our dicussions on eBay should be less agressive.

But, hey that's just me, maybe i'm wrong


1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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