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I think dbclass50 has hit the nail on the head with his "if you don't like Ebay, don't use it".

I trade on ebay (also with a 100% rating), as a part-time business and mostly in raiway goods, both new and second hand.

The originator of this thread needs to reasses his attitude to ebay in general. I admit that there is some tat auctioned from time to time, but in nearly all cases the buyer is open about the fact.
What I have an issue with is a sweeping generalisation, quoting two examples, about an ebay category (trains, model railways) that this week has over 22,000 items on offer. Such comments are both unhelpful and childish, so I will not bother to give a specific reply to his spurious comments.
Lets make a few things clear, as both a seller and buyer on ebay:-
I put on whatever I have to sell, at whatever price I choose.
You make a choice as to wether or not you look at my entries. If you don't like what I have on offer, move on and leave me alone in peace.
If you don't like the concept of ebay, bu**er off and don't log on at all!
If someone else wants to give me more for my item than you think is reasonable, that's their concern, so butt out! (Incidentally, none of the items mentioned are mine).

Now if you want to complain about misleading descriptions or excessive postage charges or anything fraudalent on ebay, I'm your man. The one thing I dislike in any trading format is a rip off. But untill then leave me (and the auction format) alone.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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