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I have this crazy idea of taking the minories trackplan (or something similar) and making it as complicated as possible with overlapping turnouts and other fancy stuff.

I have been looking at templot and wondering weather to take the plunge.

have any of you used it?

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QUOTE Crossovers and double slips sounds a bit daunting.

folowing on from Iain Rice's advice......slips and ''complicated'' P&C work are, in reality, quite point sections, acute crossings and obtuse corssings....once these are assembled [as one does with an ordinary turnout]..then its a case of, bits of rail to connect them up?

The problems really occur when one compares the various gauges for 4mm scale.

It is actually more difficult to build track from scratch, in 16.5mm gauge [OO], than it is with EM or P4.....less room to play with.

so I've been told.....................................

So...Minories, with a traverser...??
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again...using EM or P4 makes life much easier with regards to steam loco chassis.......disregarding clearance issues twixt cranks, con rods and crankpins, behind outside cylinders.......EM/P4 allows correct relationships between wheels and splashers, for example.....a compromise with OO.

Also, within the chassis itself, EM/P4 chassis widths allow more room for motors and gearboxes.....not forgetting compensation or suspension.......I once decided to emulate a scratch built loco seen n a mag..a lotta years ago originally was in EM, but I used OO....foundered upon the fact that for OO gauge, the motor had to be positioned above the chassis......whereas with EM it was positioned lower down, almost between the chassis sides.....gave the whole exercise a different complexion!
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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