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I have this crazy idea of taking the minories trackplan (or something similar) and making it as complicated as possible with overlapping turnouts and other fancy stuff.

I have been looking at templot and wondering weather to take the plunge.

have any of you used it?

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i was only picking minories as an example. although i do think we have a lack of good modern trackplans that take account of the new technologies we have available to us.

I would never go back to using Peco on a scenic section. i have nothing against their products, i am just bored with them.

I would stick with 16.5mm as allot of my stock os not of UK origin ant also at some stage i fancy having a go at russian broad gauge on EM or P4 chassis.

My current test track needs allot of work. i had thought about ballasting it but its so muc more than that. it also needs some attention to the track and the whole control syste needs an overhaul. it was designed to test DMU models with 1 or 2 tenshodo spuds and the controller cant cope with some of my kit built loco's or the japanese brass. i think its had its day.

I fancy doing smething didcot style on a fairly large plank. i am not going to have space to run trains but i do want to show off my loco's. and i would love to have a go at some posh trackwork.

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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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