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I have this crazy idea of taking the minories trackplan (or something similar) and making it as complicated as possible with overlapping turnouts and other fancy stuff.

I have been looking at templot and wondering weather to take the plunge.

have any of you used it?

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QUOTE Don't you think that complicating it will spoil the essence ?

It might spoil the essence of Minories but it would be more typical of a city terminus squeezed into a confined space. Leeds Central for example has two scissors crossings between the main running lines where each has one "corner" as a single slip onto a third line. A little further out there's further complex trackwork where the LNWR lines cross the GNR lines to gain access to the ex L&Y high level goods and just beyond that again is the tight curve down to Geldard junction. All this in the space of about a quarter mile. Virtually the whole thing (except the L&Y shed) can be modelled in a 30 inch width.

QUOTE It is actually more difficult to build track from scratch, in 16.5mm gauge [OO], than it is with EM or P4.....less room to play with.
That's an interesting statement. If my attempts at chassis building work out ok, I might contemplate a switch to EM or P4.

1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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