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Does Spiderman dive into the boxcar like the Triang Giraffe used to when a tunnel is coming up?

We do need more kit like this on the shelves to fill the void between Thomas The Tank Engine and proper trains.

I am a great fan of the Battle Space Turbo Car and have noted the excellent correspondence on this at MRE Mag. Warley MRC were glued when I had my example whizzing around one of the club layouts the other week. It sorted out all the loose scenic flock! Forget the Blue Pullman and the EM2 and other Triang classics that folk are crowing for. The one and only Battle Space Turbo Car is THE classic that "Triang" should reintroduce as a limited edition as kids (and adults) would snap it up in huge numbers! And forget this nanny state nonsense. If a few fingers get sliced off and the odd spiking takes place its all in the name of fun!

It could even be renamed a Spider Man Battle Web Turbo Car!

Happy modelling

The authors own personal Battle Space Turbo car. If "Triang" do pop in note that the colours already have a Spiderman theme so its simply a case of designing a few stickers and packaging and bobs your uncle! And for youngsters who may not be familiar with what dad (or even grandpa!) played with this loco may represent something of a shock! :-

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