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QUOTE (Gary @ 4 May 2007, 19:41) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>If "Triang" do pop in note that the colours already have a Spiderman theme so its simply a case of designing a few stickers and packaging and bobs your uncle! And for youngsters who may not be familiar with what dad (or even grandpa!) played with this loco may represent something of a shock! :-

Great idea !

Looks like an opportunity missed unless ;
Cost of producing item = £4.50
Cost of liciencing = £6.50

Eventually pricing the thing off the market (who know, the bean counters may already have done their sums).

I remember replacing the spike on mine with a sharpened nail to help destroy Airfix planes & Minic Motorway vehicles placed in it's path !

Be great if Hornby did produce it again - thing is will it be DCC fitted or DCC ready ?
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