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Tender Bachmann V2

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I have just purchased a V2 on ebay. The hook on the tender draw bar was snapped off before it arrived. I have reason to believe that it was already broken before it was sent. It is snapped off about 5mm from hook. If I cannot reach a satisfactory arrangement with the vendor, I had it in mind to glue a sliver of Plastikard underneath and even a smaller piece on top. I am not sure whether this will work or what adhesive to use. I have araldite and superglueand polystyrene cement. Will these stick sufficiently well, or can anyone think of a better way to do the job? The model is the one with the double chimney and is in fantastic condition otherwise. It also pulls at least 7 gresleys up hill (I have another V2 so I borrowed the tender to test it). I await your replies with bated breath.
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Quick and easy solution. Forget trying to remake the original contruction in plastic, instead use a strip of metal in a broad 'U' shape. Glue one upright inside the interior face of the front of the tender chassis with cyano or araldite. Depending on your curve radii you can either stick with the dimensions from your other V2 tender, or use this opportunity to close the cab to tender gap by having a shorter link. (By cutting off the projection from the cab floor and installing a shaped fall plate above, and also trimming back the moulded on intermediate buffers on the tender front, mine are coupled at scale distance, and will still go round 30" radius curves. Makes a worthwhile improvement in appearance.)
And if that doesn't work, there is an unorthodox suggestion. You could try contacting Bachmann Servicing. They provided me with a set of N class frames free of charge, due to a crack in a second hand engine I bought!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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