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Tender drive or Loco drive

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This topic has been going on for ages in our forum in Turkey between Marklin users and the rest. When I mean the rest I mean all other major brands that I know of whom are all tender driven. An exception might be the Roco steams which has a kind of shaft running thru the tender to the loco body transmitting the torque to the main wheels as well. I call it 4 wheel drive
.However that has its kickback too because any out of sync tends to lock the loco wheels.

Anyway, I'd like to have yr opinion on this subject. Marklin users claim that their Loco bodies are all, I'd like to call it: Full metal Jacket,all metal plus the motor being in the loco body, all in one, creates a very high pulling power, very null derailments...etc. compared with the tender driven brands.

The funny thing is I am abt to belive its merits too. My Liliput Br 52 is tender driven. The tender is all metal. loco chasis is metal and body plastic. I am experiencing a lot of derailments specially on points. I admit the Br 52 hates curves being a 2 - 10 -0 , but is it due to the fact that its tender driven? The loco body being lighter then the tender?


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QUOTE (BRITHO)My only steam tender loco (an old Rivarossi Royal Scot) has it's motor in the tender and a drive shaft to the loco wheels - it seems to work fine as it is quite heavy.

I have got one of those as well!
I also have 2 riv old time wood burners (formerly Poucher??) that are also tender drive. they are also very good runners. (and interestingly are the widest loco's i have. the cylinders stick out a very long way.

I hugely prefer loco drive. the tender is a much better shape for a speaker. i really dont think it matters that much though. i have seen both good and bad tender drive loco's and good and bad loco drive loco's.
I would be far more tempted by a loco drive than a tender drive.

I agree with BRITHO, check your back to backs.

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