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QUOTE (BRITHO)My only steam tender loco (an old Rivarossi Royal Scot) has it's motor in the tender and a drive shaft to the loco wheels - it seems to work fine as it is quite heavy.

I have got one of those as well!
I also have 2 riv old time wood burners (formerly Poucher??) that are also tender drive. they are also very good runners. (and interestingly are the widest loco's i have. the cylinders stick out a very long way.

I hugely prefer loco drive. the tender is a much better shape for a speaker. i really dont think it matters that much though. i have seen both good and bad tender drive loco's and good and bad loco drive loco's.
I would be far more tempted by a loco drive than a tender drive.

I agree with BRITHO, check your back to backs.

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