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QUOTE (dbclass50 @ 12 Apr 2007, 01:24) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Personally I do not care where the motor is or what wheels it drives as long as the locomotive performs ! I have the same view on traction tyres. At the end of the day as soon as you put an electric motor into a steam outline loco you have compromised anyway.

My steam outline locomotives are a mixture of both tender & loco drive. Generally, the ones with tender drive & traction tyres have the most traction with the exception of the Trix BR44 (a 2-10-0) which is locomotive drive, motor in the cab & a metal body. We had 42 bogie coaches behind it on St.Laurent & apart from have to pull away very gently was well within its capability - we were trying to go for "44 behind a 44" but ended up with the buffers on the 44 6"/15cm behind the last coach !

Next time we have a play I will video the results but also would like to try a couple of UK outline locos for comparison.
I agree performance comes first regardless of how it is acheived. I do have preference for the Maerklin style loco though, I have found the Trix locos perfect runners and have excellent pulling power. I haven't really had any problems with my German tender drive but with UK outline because it's comparitively light there is a tendency to derail.

I would love to see The Trix BR44 pulling 42 coaches. It's amazing what a well built loco can do!
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