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No particular view on the matter, but will say this

- H0, no problem, cannot imagine anything better than tender drive - my GFN and Roco tender locos (GFN 38 and 39, Roco 23, 50, 57, 58 - shortly to be joined by 18-1) run beautifully. Tiny problem on the earlier Rocos (57, 58) is the connection between tender and loco - solved by getting them out of the box and keeping them on your layout, together, connections in place. However, I must say, I do not posess H0 tender locos with engine mounted motors - kind of doesn't seem right - thought it went out decades ago - with 3-rail - even sold my 2-rail, engine motored, Triang Britannia and Pullmans in 1965 to turn to TT gauge.

- N, yes the sticky wheels syndrome on the motorless engine does play a far greater role - and does look really silly - I have several engines (trix and GFN) thus motored and it is exacerbated by the fact I don't run them that often these days since H0 took over.

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