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When we lived in Leicestershire in the 1980s I built a large loft layout which was populated with Hornby Tender drive locos in quantity.

Due to other commitments, the layout often sat unused for weeks and I had a hell of a job getting the dormant tender drive locos to run again. The result was that when we moved back to Scotland in 2004 I got rid of all the Hornby Tender Drive locos and have been gradually replacing my stud with loco drive examples.

However, Many years ago before we moved south I bought a number of Airfix Castles cheap here in Perth and detailed these, even doing a streamlined Manorbier Castle. Strangely the old Airix tender drives never gave the contact problems experienced with Hornby and I still have them all, plus an Airfix 4F and 2P which still perform well.

Also, I did a Caerphilly Castle using an Airfix loco with a Hornby 3500 gallon tender and this strangely has never given any problems. The old Hornby problem was that most locos picked up from one side only on the loco and the other side only on the tender. Add to that the prehistoric tender to loco coupler and the problems compounded themselves. Any short period of disuse and all the contacts had to be cleaned.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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