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A few of you may know Mr Tennent of Tennents Trains in Halesowen. He normally sits quietly in the back room of the shop whilst his staff serve you.

What you may not know is that Mr Tennent was a very keen 8mm cine film camerman in the 1960's and 1970's and had an interest in visiting any narrow gauge or miniature railway who he could think of visting and filming it with his cine camera.

Tennents Trains have now released this cine film archive on a DVD series complete with commentary by Mr Tennent with each DVD containing around 1 hour of film.

Miniature Trains of Yesteryear features Fairbourne Railway, Christchurch Miniature Railway, Poole Park Miniature Railway, Trentham Gardens, Blenheim Palace, Hilton Valley, Ravenglass & Eskdale, Hall Leys Park, Doddington Hall and Overstone Solarium. Its amazing how many of these run French style meandering through fields unguarded and without flagmen at crossings. Having been on a few of these in my time watching the film brought back memories.

There is another DVD in the series that I have watched that features old industrial lines that are no longer with us including those located at welsh slate quarries and at various brickworks around the UK. Two or three of the visits feature farmers who purchased old industrial lines and lifted them and relaid them around their farms so that they could play at being train drivers! One shot features a driver in an open cab loco carring a sheet of steel corrugated roofing on the motor housing. As Mr Tennent says if the driver was to stop sharply he would have been decapitated! No health and safety in those days!

For those who are interested in a nostalgic look back at the narrow gauge and miniature railway scene in the 1960's then these DVD's may be just the ticket! Mr Tennent is retailing them for £9.99 each.

I mention these DVD's because I was not too sure if I was going to enjoy watching them but in actual fact and much to my surprise I did!

Happy modelling

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Some of those ring bells with me as well and bring back memories of family holidays in the late 60;s and early 70's. I had actually forgotten about the Blenheim Palace system. If memory serves me right they were diesel powered steam outline locos pulling open toast rack carriages. Oh happy days.

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