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I have just spent some time running a train flat out on my own layout to see what I would tolerate. The answer is "not a lot" but maybe I am a bit picky. I have had problems with derailments where curves (flexi track) went straight into points. I came to the conclusion that this was a bad idea since the curve track always tended to straighten leaving a slight kink at the join. By allowing a 3 or 4 inch straight section before the curve starts (ignoring transition curves - I'm still greedy for space), you can more or less guarantee a kink free join between the point and the flexi track. This will probably eliminate your derailment problem.

In my own running session, the derailment I suffered was due to the locomotive (Hornby class 29) losing contact at full speed over an electrofrog double slip which has not yet had the crossings wired up, so it is actually a very long dead frog. The sudden loss of power gave such a jolt that the 7 coach train (5 Bachmann Mk1s and 2 Hornby Pullmans (the long lit ones)) succeeded in leaving the rails as their momentum carried them into each other. The problem was alleviated once the two wheels picking up on each side were more thoroughly cleaned with Isopropanol.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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