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I've spent some time track laying over the last week and a question occurs to me that I've never seen discussed.

I'm using Code 100 Peco track and I've included a 6ft x 4ft 6ins contiuous run oval, for the benefit of my two grandsons, as part of my layout. I have tested the completed oval with the following results:-

Using a Bachmann Collet goods with Manor 6 wheel tender and a Bachmann 7 plank PO wagon, I've completed the following circuits without derailment
1) 34 circuits "flat out" before derailment
2) 51 circuits at medium scale-like speed (about 1/2 of above) before derailment
3) 48 minutes continuous run at slowest speed possible with no problems

Both derailments were in the same curve, but at different points .. one where the flexi track joined a set of points.

So the question is ... would you be happy with this? Is this an acceptable tolerance?

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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