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TGV-Est opens to Strasbourg

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This news item on the BBC reports the opening of the new TGV-Est line from Paris to Strasbourg. The journey time is forecast to be 2 hours 20 minutes down from the current 4 hours with trains travelling at up to 200mph.

During my journeys to and from Switzerland for my holidays along the autoroute from Calais via Strasbourg to Mulhouse and then Basle over the last couple of years I have seen parts of this new railway take shape.

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I was going to post this, but you guys beat me to it.

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It is a fantastic project. I'll use the line in the next year for sure. It cuts two hours from the Paris to Zurich rout that I usually take. Not that I'm in a rush, actually it takes a more boring route, but it is fast. And cheaper than the car.


Take a look here for a collection of photos of the building of the line.

Look here for some images of the stations.


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