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The 800 Million Pound Railway Station - new TV Series

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Your attention is drawn to BBC 2 at 10pm on Tuesday 13th and Wednesday 14th November to the first and second parts of the above series about the modernisation of St Pancras to accomodate the Eurostar services. The third episode is on Tuesday 20th Nov - but no information on time or date of the broadcasting of the last three parts - I cannot track them down on the BBC website, alas.

John Webb
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QUOTE (Sir Galahad @ 5 Dec 2007, 20:30) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I thought the series was a bit disappointing. Too much "on no, I'm stressed" drama. Not enough engineering stuff that would have been interesting. And it was on too late 11:20pm if I remember rightly.

I agree, it should have been a showcase for the rather good new station, instead it was a fly on the wall about the stress of a big building project.

Whats next, will we get to vote of the engineer/architect we like the least?

I am very disappointed, the best view I have had of the new station was on the BBC new report on day of opening, I expected a bit more of a fan fare than that!
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