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Hello, is there a way we can look back at some posts in the Archives ?
I would like to see what was being discussed on here ..say 6 months ago or whatever .
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Use the search function to display all posts before a certain date or between certain dates?
Or just go to each section of the forum and look at previous pages besides the current one?

John Webb
As John says, use the search function - it's usually very effective.
A short note about the search facilities; There are two of them, the Google option which you see first and the "classic Forum search". The principal differences that I know of are:

The "classic forum search" allows you select which topics you search, time scales, authors and so on BUT it will not search on strings less than 4 characters long. The Google search will look for 3 letter or less. So if you want to search for "DCC", using classic forum search won't turn anything up, but using Google will.

Happy hunting,

The forum does not cut off posts - they are all there or should be. If they are not, please let me know with more details. Perhaps I can't see what you're seeing.
Ok everyone, thanks for that. I will give it a go shortly, a bit tired tonight though, been to hospital for appointment today an it "knocked me about a bit".
I am calling it a day for now, back on tomorrow.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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