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I happened to stumble onto the Lemke website and saw a picture of their BR 02 model in N, which is not currently available. It reminded me of the very excellent Roco H0 model I saw on the notorious (
) Electric Nose website. After doing some research I found that Arnold also did a model in DR black and red and the green 'celebrity' livery, (and produced a digital version of each.)

^ Arnold 2501 - DR Baureihe 02 0201-0 which comes with flywheels, directional lighting and drive on locomotive and tender (I think! There is a cardan shaft between the two...)

^ Is the green version. A bit too green perhaps in this picture! At least one can see the mechanism clearly, which I don't think is too obtrusive given the small distance between locomotive and tender.

Can anyone comment on these models, do they resemble the prototype closely? Has anyone experience of the Lemke versions, which were quite a bit more expensive and didn't have headlights?

I have read elsewhere and in German than the Arnold model traverses track and complex pointwork very well and better than many other locomotives of similar size but that the motor can be noisy. At least these are the experiences of two individuals...

Perhaps this will reappear from Hornby-Deutschland in the near future?

I must confess that I don't know very much about steam locomotives, but anything that reminds me even a little bit of the BBÖ 214 raises my hopes that one day there will be a model in least locomotion made a start!


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QUOTE (simonj @ 12 Oct 2007, 08:14) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I saw the Roco HO example as well and its a very handsome locomotive. Have you any idea why it has/had two tenders?
It's because it was an East German loco and it ran long after steam had finished in West Germany so when it makes excursions over to the former West Germany there are very limited refueling facilities for it which are further apart. Hence the two tenders.
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