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We Brits have always been travellers, being an island nation, we have an affinity for exploring but I never expected to see a 'Jinty' in Berlin, during the war!

Turntable Online

Reading further down, it states;
"The locomotive is an LMS Jinty tender (tank!) locomotive and was one of eight who had taken over the British army and transported it to France in March 1940. Their numbers were WD 8 - 15 . The locomotive WD 8 had the original number 7613 and was built 1928. The locomotives WD 8 , WD 13 and WD 15 have probably been destroyed by the retreating British troops, probably by sinking in the sea.

The remaining locomotives were captured and assigned to the SNCF . They were taken back to England in 1948 and included in the stock of the British Railways and put into operation and were sampled (withdrawn?) between 1961 and 1966.

All this information is provided by Allied Military Locomotives of the Second World War by R. Tourret .

Sincerely from the UK

Tony Adams"

Now, what I would absolutely love is for Roco or similar to do a H0 scale model for me to run on my British H0 scale layout! Ha, ha, ha! I'd be better scratchbuilding one instead as that would be a better chance of getting one!
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