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Wednesday 24th - Saturday 27th January 2007

If any member would like to put forward questions for us to ask the Manufacturers present, then please do so here.

Only Hornby and Bachmann here (I think...

Questions to other manufacturers, get ready for the International Toy Fair in Nürnberg, here.

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To Hornby: "Are you going to produce "DCC Ready" versions of the Scot, Patriot and Stanier 4MT?"

(and I will ask at every show I see them at - especially at the Peco DCC weekend in June!


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To Bachmann

Whats there policy on DCC ? Will they produce DCC ready and DCC fitted?

What are they doing about their announcements policy ie products announced now arrive 2-3yrs. Do they think they are losing credibility?

To Hornby

Will they supply DCC Ready as well as DCC fitted?

If persisting on their position of DCC fitted only which will run on DC have they considered:
-feedback controllers
-Relcos and other HF cleaning devices
-Various diffirent types of DC signal from controllers (this is a new one on me , I thought DC was DC but apparently not!) which could fry chips
- Manufacturers warranty issues in event that chips/motors burn out when running DCC fitted on DC
- Manufacturers warranty issues if product is found to be faulty after removing chip (you would have to remove it to check working properly on DC)
-Will their chips be hardwired. They have apparently said not ,but then again they have stated elsewhere (Correspondance on MREmag) that they would supply non DCC Fitted locos and this now appears to be a mistake.

I suppose crucially - how do they intend to support their loyal DC following or have they just turned their backs on us to make a quick buck from the DCCers?!

If Heljan are there:-

Will they be backdating their 27 to have gangway doors?
Will they be producing later 26s with blank cab doors ie no windows
When will their Clayton be out

Thanks Doug. Bet you're sorry you asked now!


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To Bachmann & Hornby

please produce loco drive versions for the following:

4P compound
can we please have an unrebuilt Patriot with loco drive

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