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QUOTE (Ravenser)Bachmann Jinty (strong whispers of poor running with the first batch , very few reviews - the model has become something people don't seem to mention , even though there are first hand reports of excellent running from subsequent batches)

Mine has had 3 new motors. i have now given up on it completly. i just got fed up with paying the postage. evry time i got it backl it would run perfectly for about 3 minutes before expiring in a puff of very realistic smoke.

i have also seen a couple of others that have suffered problems with the split axles.

I dont know what mech is in the current incarnation but its always been a nicely detailed model.

For perfect loco's my votes woud go to my roco BR01. my chinese SY and my Rivarossi Big Boy (others have complained about it but i really cant see anything wrong with it. its a stunning model and runs beautifully)

1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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