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Hi and Moin!,

this weekend, I´ve had some interesting discussion with a few British soldiers stationed nearby in Hamlin who are also model railroaders, 00 scale.

Their feeling was that continental modellers, the German variety in particular (seems they haven´t met any Austrian modeller yet
), are nitpickers who are never satisfied, no matter how good the model they´re offered really is. As an example, they stated the Hornby-Rivarossi class 58...

I did beg to differ, and over a few pints of ale (for our younger audience: a couple cans of soda pop), we went through some HO models we thought were worth mentioning as "perfect" (or, at least "near perfect"), and we did come up with a few. Our criteria were detail, correct dimensions and quality (both the material the model is made of and running). Wheel flanges are too high on most continental models, we all agreed on that.

Now, while I can merely mention my top three models as of now, not show them (I haven´t made any pictures of them as of now), which models do you consider among the HO top ten, and why?

My top three are: Fleischmann class 95, Fleischmann class 18.5, and Brawa G4/5H; I´ll elaborate once I´ve made the photos.

Which are yours?
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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