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Swiss Federal Railways class Be 6/8 III, with 2-6+6-2 wheel arrangement, built initially in 1926 (Ce 6/8 III). World famous electric locomotive type, nicknamed "Crocodile". Used for heavy freight trains.
Model: Era III. A particularly heavy, powerful locomotive able to master steep grades on routes with many curves was needed for freight service on the Gotthard route. Locomotives were developed in the classes Be 6/8 III and Ce 6/8 III that entered railroad history with the nickname "Crocodile" due to their striking appearance. The articulated design of these units fulfilled the long standing requirement for trouble-free operation of freight trains over the Gotthard. Since new improvements were always applied to these locomotives, there are a large number of variations that are immediately recognizable as the "Crocodile" whether in the green or brown paint scheme and that hold a special fascination for everyone.

Made by Trix, model number 22584, this locomotive has a die-cast metal frame and body. It comes with an NEM digital connector, has 3 axles powered, 2 traction tires, and NEM coupler pockets. The headlight / marker light changeover follows the Swiss prototype. Length over the buffers 230 mm / 9-1/16".

This is out now and it's a beauty.
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