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QUOTE (mongers @ 21 Oct 2008, 21:08) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hello everyone, I'm new here, have just bought my first ever train set
; its a Hornby starter set called 'The Easterner', appears to be only available from the Littlewoods online stores, very similar to the coastal freight, Midland express etc that Hornby make 'exclusively' for different large retailers.

Interestingly the illustration on the websites is spelt "Eastener" and the box art and depicted loco are different from the actual Hornby set that arrrives, oh and on the longer format box its spelt "Easterner"

I haven't been able to conclusively identify the loco and rolling stoke, or if these are from the railroad range, what you get is:

LNER green 0-4-0T tank locomotive, just like the BR Industrial.
Lowmac with box load load
7 plank wagon painted red marked Joseph Boam
12 ton vent van painted dark grey marked NE
LNER 4 wheel coach numbered 313, natural wood finish
Trackside accessories pack incl 3 small huts, telegraph polls etc
3rd radius starter oval + track pack A
Usual power supply, controller and power track.

Price the usual was £100 now £50 gig, as if it was ever really sold for the 'full price' anyway I got mine a bit cheaper as theres a 15% voucher until the end of the month on some 'toys'

I haven't put it together yet to give a test report, but I expect it will perform similar to all of these hornby, non-catalogue sets.


Hi Mongers

Welcome to the forum, I do hope that now you have joined the ranks of railway modelling you will get many years of fun and enjoyment out of the hobby and please remember it is a hobby so have fun doing it. I'm sure the "bug" will soon grip you and before you know it you will be making a layout and adding to your little train set after all thats probably what most of us here on the forum started with.
Hope you enjoy your hobby and once again a warm welcome to the hobby and never be shy about asking for help.

Kind regards
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