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Alan your progress is impressive. Very well done.

I ditto what Richard has said on ballasting.Once you practice and get used to it, it even becomes enjoyable. I never used brushes. Its a pain. Catapults all the tiny pieces all around. Instead its the forefinger, gently taping. What ever you do, however you go by the books that surface tension will always be there and small bits of ballast will end up either on the sleepers or rail tips.Then again your forefinger comes into the play again.Since the ballast is wet now any loose bits and pieces sticks on the tip of your finger, a good way to get rid of them , just like a magnet so to speak.

...and by the way use fine ballast, never medium and be sure its granule some sort of rock or stone.They tend to be heavier and resists the tension while others like Woodland, Noch love to float.

1 - 2 of 174 Posts
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