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QUOTE (TREMAYNE @ 19 Sep 2009, 12:31) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hi good progress you have good set up there.I notice you are using a H & M duttee. I use one myself but worry about using a 30 year old controller with a metal case and no earth !
Dave R

They are "double insulated" & do not require an earth.

If you are concerned you could use an "RCD" for extra protection, but they are just that "extra protection" - not the be all & end all that some think.

QUOTE (The_Docster @ 19 Sep 2009, 14:25) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>They are built to withstand a nuclear holocaust. Mine must be that old too and they still fetch a good sum on ebay. The first thing that goes wrong usually is a loud humming but even then they still work. I know cause i've had 2 do that to me. But I am going to change soon to panel mount gaugemasters. I already have a dual feedback controller just need the transformer now.

That will be the mains transformer laminations loose or the fixings that hold the transformer to the case.
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