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QUOTE (The_Docster @ 21 May 2009, 09:34) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>A wee update!

The inclines are made but I've still got a bit of trackwork to do on the storage yards and a few other bits and bobs, i.e. wiring to my control panel, track, points etc.

So I thought I would try my hand at a little video to show an engine going round what track I have laid. I bought a Lima Class 20 from Ebay for a song and I thought I would use this as my subject. However this was a story in itself. Watch the vid then read on!

Oh Yes indeed! It ran very well that first day. But the second day it began to judder and stall. I was annoyed

On close inspection I found that the tiny gears were slipping on the axles of the driving wheels. The tiniest spot of Super Glue and a lot of swearing later ( I've got big hands you see!) It ran as sweet as a nut and I'm happy again.

As was mentioned on another topic about the Bachmann 20 I think I'm going to detail this as I got it very cheap. But that's probably a few months down the line (pardon the pun
) as I need to continue with the layout itself. So back to underlay, track pins and wire, - I've got a railway to build.



Hi Alan nice progress strange you should mention the Lima Class 20, I bought one brand new years ago and it just sat in its box as I had no layout to run it on.

I have recently started building a new layout and I thought I would test all the engines that I had on a simple oval on the floor, all the engines ran fine except the Class 20 and it sounded just as though the gears were not meshing, may have fresh look at it now, I also have a Bachman 20 there is no comparision between the 2 of them

All the best Robert
1 - 1 of 174 Posts
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