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The Engine Shed

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Having been on the forum a few weeks now, and joining in a few topics, I got interested in madon37's shed layout as I am doing a similar project.

The shed is 20' x 10' and all I was using it for was dumping all the rubbish we didn't want in the house. So I decided to split it in two, use the front half for DIY and a railway room in the back. I began this project over two years ago, but got really busy with work and such, and the shed once again became a dumping ground.

But on visiting Model Rail Scotland this year my enthusiasm returned I cleared out the rubbish in the shed and got to work in resurrecting the work I had previously done.

I had gotten quite far I had insulated and plasterboarded the back room and constructed the baseboards. I had also began to lay some track.

As I like to watch the trains go by I have decided on a tail-chaser, but in such a small space, I have decided to use and old idea of an inverted figure 8 design to maximise running length.

So here is some pics of the resurrected layout, I will post and explain the plans later. (they are kind of still in the development phase)

This is the front of the shed looking to the railway room at the back.

The railway room itself - sorry about the mess at the moment

Here is a neat little trick my phone can do - a panoramic view

Cheers everyone

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I cannot believe how much time has passed since I attempted the station. I have been so busy and just glanced in the back of the shed now and again and hardly done anything since April. I've looked in on the forum occasionally to try and keep up but not made any entires. The station really p*****d me off but I honestly didn't think it had been that long! And now the weather has turned nasty almost a month earlier than it did last year, which puts me off going in even more, now that I actually have some time. I'm determined over the holiday period to get back in whatever the weather and try and post some updates and try to catch up with everyone else old and new.


Hiya alan, really looking forward to seeing how you've got on with the station, it was a really nice scratchbuild taking shape. Let's hope the weather allows you back in soon!

QUOTE (The_Docster @ 29 Mar 2010, 22:30) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Howdy Neighbour. Don't you just hate the snaw!


Howdy to both of you.
Did I notice a picture of Dumbarton Central in this thread??? I'm further down the line.

I'll be keeping an eye on this build, whilst I try to come up with a plan for my sons layout.

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Same here - did a lot of tracklaying up to July then new job kicked in and here we are in December.

Hoping to get some point motors fitted and wired up with the track so can get a few of the shed load of DCC Sound locos I have bought since July up and running for the nephew (me actually :) over Xmas...

Good luck
Thanx for the replies guys. I will be going in today although probably just for a clearup, It's funny how you tend to store things in a place you haven't used for a while and before you know it, it looks like a bomb has hit!

I think Mark the photo you're referring to is actually taken in Paisley Gilmour St. I'm not familiar with Dumbarton apart from the "Rock" which can be seen clearly on the road to Greenock, and I have passed by a couple of times on my way to Loch Lomond.


I've finally got back in the shed, given it a major tidy up and repaint. Most things are running quite well even though it's was last April I did anything significant in there. My Bachmann J72 went up in smoke though, I think the mtor is goosed. Well that's a job for another day.

I hope the sky effect on the walls is t most peoples liking. As it's a layout that will unlikely be moved I thought I would paint the sky directly on the walls. It actually gives the appearance of the room being bigger and should provide an excellent backdrop to the layout.

I have also done some more ballasting and the high level board has been removed for the moment to give unrestricted access to continue with the platform area.

I am currently scribing mounting card for the station walls, hopefully this will prove better than the disaster I had with the plasticard. It was mounting board I used for the platforms and them came up very well.

Hope you like
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QUOTE Hope you like

I do. I think your sky background will work out very well

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Love the sky Alan, Excellent mate.

Kind regards

Makes a huge difference,looks good.

Hi Alan.
I have just read through your thread, and I don't know how I could have missed it before. You have done some very good works getting to where you are at. It's a pity about the station cladding. but like you said yourself, patience is a virtue, and next time it will be perfect..Glad to see you are using card !!! Painting the walls was a good idea and it looks very effective.

Excellent work so far , keep it up .
Best wishes.
Definitely like your art work it does appear to make it look like your in the open.
What next a few dark clouds on the rafters.
Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated. I don't think I'll have any dark clouds. I live in Scotland and see enough grey skies. Only blue sky for me thanks
Hi Alan,

What a difference the sky makes
Excellent piece of artwork and, as you say, it makes the room feel bigger and really sets off the layout nicely.

Well done.
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You'll have to put a big sun face over your clock though ;-)
Hi Alan.
That sky painting looks great. Opens up the whole room
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QUOTE (reddo @ 5 Feb 2011, 08:22) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>You'll have to put a big sun face over your clock though ;-)

I was thinking about it and then thought "naaa"!
Fine art work there Alan gives the impression of depth, like it a lot.
Regards Mike
great to see .....and good work
.... all this is giving me ideas !
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hi alan

just read the thread for the first time.what a fantastic layout you've created.although i'm modelling in "n" it's inspired me no end. carry on the excellent work.


Thanx Everyone for the kind words. I had lost my momentum for a while there but now seem to have my enthusiasm back. I'm glad that you like it and I will keep an eye out for your threads to see your progress too. After all that's what this forum is all about - mutual appreciation and encouragement.
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