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The Engine Shed

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Having been on the forum a few weeks now, and joining in a few topics, I got interested in madon37's shed layout as I am doing a similar project.

The shed is 20' x 10' and all I was using it for was dumping all the rubbish we didn't want in the house. So I decided to split it in two, use the front half for DIY and a railway room in the back. I began this project over two years ago, but got really busy with work and such, and the shed once again became a dumping ground.

But on visiting Model Rail Scotland this year my enthusiasm returned I cleared out the rubbish in the shed and got to work in resurrecting the work I had previously done.

I had gotten quite far I had insulated and plasterboarded the back room and constructed the baseboards. I had also began to lay some track.

As I like to watch the trains go by I have decided on a tail-chaser, but in such a small space, I have decided to use and old idea of an inverted figure 8 design to maximise running length.

So here is some pics of the resurrected layout, I will post and explain the plans later. (they are kind of still in the development phase)

This is the front of the shed looking to the railway room at the back.

The railway room itself - sorry about the mess at the moment

Here is a neat little trick my phone can do - a panoramic view

Cheers everyone

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QUOTE (The_Docster @ 6 Feb 2011, 00:19) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Thanx Everyone for the kind words. I had lost my momentum for a while there but now seem to have my enthusiasm back. I'm glad that you like it and I will keep an eye out for your threads to see your progress too. After all that's what this forum is all about - mutual appreciation and encouragement.


Excellent work, glad you've got your enthusiasm back, I couldn't agree with you more, the MRF is brilliant for mutual appreciation and encouragement, even if it comes from the North side of the Clyde to the Southern side!


Just a wee update on the station. I have begun cutting & scribing the mounting card and glue some in place this time with good ol' PVA. As you can see by the pictures I'm starting the relief features of the wall and trying out ideas for the paint effects.

The cladding in place!

A closer view! Showing the beginning of the relief detail!

Practising my paint effects on a scrap piece!
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Very nice Alan, keep em coming mate.

Kind regards

Nice work Alan, I like the streaky effects of the brick work. It makes look as if someone covered in coal dust has been lingering too long against it

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I'm happy to report some progress, I'm managing at least an hour per day at the moment and things are rolling along at a Pug's pace. Here are some more photos showing different views and progress.

I thought I would show a view from the other side!

A straight on view! Notice the leaning wall which I will fix later!

Notice the curved capping on the wall beside the track!

This was taken through the window from the front workshop showing a work in progress!
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Just read through your posts , found it very interesting . Particularly like the diagrams and explanations of what you are doing . Keep going !

All the best
Thanks Graham, things are moving along, I'll post again soon when things progress!
No I've not been idle again, just wanted to wait until I had something substantial to show.

The problem with a model railway is that there are so many jobs need doing and prioritising is extremely difficult. However that being said, my grandchildren have been visiting the shed a lot and causing merry mayhem, partly because they are a little energetic and partly because there are things which are not completely nailed down. Namely the Control & point switches, and the main controllers. They have landed on the floor more than a few times no matter how careful I have been.

So with that in mind I decided to house everything within one unit and it will be clamped to the layout. Having lots of scrap wood in the shed from previous projects I decided that it would cost nothing to build a Control Panel from the bits I had lying around. The size of the pieces of scrap wood also dictated the dimensions of the Control Panel. I must admit I'm rather pleased with the results, it looks a bit retro and even though it's almost a metre in length it's not too imposing in the railway room.

Anyway here are the pics for your perusal. As you can see there are still parts to be completed but the modular style in which it is built will allow it to evolve or change completely in line with the layout.

The Basic Shell

Getting some Skin

Starting to Look The Part

Some Trim To Make It Look A Little More Attractive

An Alternate View !

I'm not planning DCC in the near future as I have too much stock to convert and I actually quite like this method of operation.

Hope you Like!
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looking good.....i she ur another duette user....great controllers

so whats going in the other holes?
That's definitely an excellent control panel you have constructed.
Good how you have laid everything out.
I know where you're coming from regarding grandchildren it is amazing
how such tiny hands can cause such mayhem.
Hopefully you will have the control panel finished before there off school for easter
that is if they are at school.
QUOTE (bro sewell @ 23 Feb 2011, 22:52) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>looking good.....i she ur another duette user....great controllers

so whats going in the other holes?

Thanks for the comments Guys, as to what's going in the other spaces, the small one will be getting another gaugemaster controller maybe one with inertia control and the big space is for the points and control of the station area as the other side is the points and switches for the hidden sidings in the Lower section.
Beautiful piece of construction and finish Alan but how are you going to make all the wiring connections in situ, and any retro-connections/fault finding. Maybe could hinge the panel along the bottom using piano hinge so it tilts towards you?
Hey Reddo, how're you doing? Thanks for that!

Getting into the box is fairly simple from the front as the panels will all lift off. I don't know if you saw my previous Control panel made out of an old computer keyboard for the case, well the switch panel on the left of the new one is directly lifted from that and had 2 "D" connectors fitted so basically it was a form of Plug and Play to refit this into the new panel. I still have some connections left in one of the "D" connectors but before I fit it into the layout I will install at least another one or maybe two connectors. Therefore the wiring will be already in place and I just need to connect the right wire with the right switch and no pulling out of the Control Panel should be necessary.
A cunning plan well thought through. I am well impressed with yr LH points setting panel - will be using that as a guide for mine as I prefer that system rather than DCC route setting and the expense, though the operation is DCC/Sound. I bought a micro panel from DCC Concepts at a show last year and several dpdt switches so have some of the ingredients...
Hi Alan

That looks a crackingly built control panel mate
Very neat and tidy, I also have a couple of duettes myself! absolutely bullet proof.

Great to see you are doing a bit more on the layout anyway mate.

Kind regards

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Hey Paul & Brian,

Long time - no contact thanks for the repiles..

Anyway Paul I thought you were going DCC? and are you building at the mo? And BTW Duettes are maybe not as Bulletproof as you may think, I also have 2 Clippers which make a dreadful hum now. Brian said once that the transformer laminations had come loose, They have performed extremely well over the years but I think it's time to move on,
hence the Gaugemaster UDF you also see on the panel.
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Very nice.

QUOTE (The_Docster @ 24 Feb 2011, 12:32) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hey Paul & Brian,

Long time - no contact thanks for the repiles..Anyway Paul I thought you were going DCC?

I am Alan but will be using std point switching (switches or studs) for the points. I am also getting into retro-fitting Hornby RR and ViTrains DCC Ready chassis into my mint Lima Class 37's and 40s and upgrading with sound using Zimo decoders and mega bass / reflex speakers...
QUOTE (The_Docster @ 24 Feb 2011, 10:32) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hey Paul & Brian,

Long time - no contact thanks for the repiles..

Anyway Paul I thought you were going DCC?

Look at post no 123 Alan!

I am mate on my shelf layout (diesels only) I have got a thread on here with it's progress =

Kind regards

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