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Guys when we emigrated from Prestwick in Scotland to Cessnock In New South Wales I was 15yrs old. Now you expect things to change over 34yrs but you don't expect huge changes. As visiting Prestwick is out of the question in todays financial climate I decided to look via google maps etc. I noticed that there has been a lot of changes but two of them took me by suprise. The first is the railway line that served Glenburn Colliery, may have been known as Auchincruive in the dim dark past, and the second was the Texaco facility at Prestwick airport. Now strangely enough both are linked as the railway served the Texaco facility via an unloading facility on the Glenburn Colliery line. Tank trains of avation Kerosene and the more volatile jet-A fuel were delivered up the "branch" where they were piped up and unloaded to be piped about 400yds to the tank farm inside the airport complex. We left in 1974 and up till then everything was still working except the colliery which had all but closed which only small amounts of coal coming out of the complex.
Now looking on google maps the cutting that the railway ran in has been filled, the cutting ran just outside the boundary of tha high school out to a point on the mainline situated near the airport, and a road is now there. The Pit is gone including the bings and looks to have had a recycling center built on it's site. The Texaco facility at Prestwick airport has gone most likely closed when the airport went through tough times in the eighties.
Can anyone help with a time line for these events. I've tried contacting Texaco public relations, Prestwick airport, Scotrail,The Ayrshire Post newspaper and Ayrshire County Council to no avail. Texaco can't remember having a facility at Prestwick which is odd as my father worked there for 20yrs, Scotrail said it has no records of anything done in BR days and I've had nothing back from the other two. Can anyone help.

Charles Emerson
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