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The Hornby A2/2

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Just taken delivery of Thane of Fife and a handsome loco it is too, the dcc socket the usual 8 pin socket is in the tender and in went my favoured 8 pin nano and off it went until it fell off the track, it fell off repeatedly. A note here I use track pins and also the Noch underlay, as a result over time the pins will work out causing usually some problems such as instant stopping, another effect is that the track might move and this proved to be the case, even a little misalignment and off comes the bogie.

So the bounce on the bogie was improved by bending the very. weak spring and this improved matters but not enough.

It also took a dislike to the Peco level crossing and sundry other points, watching carefully the bogie seemed to bounce at the rear wheels and come off easy on the front. So next job was to replace the front wheels as a study of these shows very little flange in fact they look rather like those on a Heljan O2 a very thin flange depth but a wide flange.

I substituted a set of Wrenn wheels and although 8 spoke freight wagon type this solved all the problems immediately. I checked and it looks like Hornby wheels from an A3 will do the job and look right

Here is a pic of the new loco.
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So I operated this against the new W1 which operates flawlessly the Wrenn wheels just looked wrong so I tried the rear wheels that come in the W1 pack and these seem to be the right size, the finish matches the loco and the flanges a little deeper and narrower so this now works well. Having solved this the tender seems to be giving some problems such as leaping off the track, I gapped the wheels with the DCCC brass gauge and found the wheels just a bit tight,m I then did the same for 5 coaches again a very little tight.
After more operations I switched my W1 and A2/2 around to tow the other trains on the circuits, again the W1 was perfect the A2/2 not so much - more to follow?
So I was diverted by the house SWMBO to painting a ceiling, anyway I eventually I got back to the railway and reset everything, the A2/2 took an exception to a particular point the W1 had waltzed through without any trouble after that I slowed down a bit and it was fine running loops without any difficulty so now the A2/2 looks good, runs well and behaves itself. Long may it last!
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