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"The LARGEST Train Store Ever Built"

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Allen Drucker, an old school pal of my brother's is owner of what is billed as "The Largest Train Store Ever Built". In Spite of making an enormous success of this wonderful model emporium, internet sales have started to sky-rocket as well.

I thought you might like to have a look at how they do things in my neck of
the woods.

Allied Model Trains

About Allied Model Trains
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The web site seems to have some way to go, but that is one heck of an impressive building!
I've been there. They do have a nice shop though I'm not sure it's really the largest but hey what are a few square feet amongst friends. I will try to stop there at the beginning of April if I go to the Slot Car Convention.
Caboose Hobbies in Denver, Colorado claims to be the largest too. It certainly is a fantastic shop to visit and the website is pretty extensive too.
Thinking about this gigantic model shop (Allied Model Trains) and its currently low level Internet presentation.

It's obviously a hugely successful enterprise, but I can't help wondering if it will further build on its low key net presence to the gradual diminishing of the impressive but expensive bricks and mortar. Or will a few of these absolute elite establishments, maintain their physical presence as rare and sought after centres of excellence while the minnows scratch around, fighting with low, low prices on the net? Can the big boys survive on their almost tourist grabbing attractiveness in this sea of seething competititiveness? Or will they too leap into the maelstrom with their already established and mighty clout?
Food for thought indeeed.
I have a feeling that 'largest' probably refers to the fact that this store was purpose built, with emphasis on the phrase 'ever built'. That is, I have a feeling that most train stores have gradually expanded into already existing premises, over a period of time, as opposed to being built specifically as a model train store right from the start!

To be fair, I am not certain if this applies to the other stores mentioned, but it does apply to this one.
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