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QUOTE (neil_s_wood @ 5 Jun 2007, 00:40) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>So what I was wondering was, has anyone every bought a model rail product e.g. loco or train pack, which really sucked? Something so abysmally poor you really felt cheated?

Oh Yes!

Several come to mind.I have had the same feeling of dissapointment and let down.

Firstly.The special edition Bachmann LT Pannier from the LT Museum at a premium price,desirable item bought with great expectations only to find it waddles like a duck even after run in.I understand that this LT Museum ordered version was the last production using the old pannier molds,chassis and assemblies.
I think there is a new verion but no idea how it runs etc.

Next a Lima Class 73 Royal Alex Pullman livery,again great expectations only to find it also waddles! For a limited run model I expected a lot more.

Then there was the special edition Bachmann Jinty in Midland Maroon.It has very poor starting from stop due in part to the 3 pole motor [I beleive] that Bachmann persists in using when today everybody else is using 5 pole motors.
Maybe they over bought a factories entire production run of 3 poles very cheaply and have to use them up.Who knows
Had quite a tirade going on with Bachmann at one time over the Jinty.
They implied that my controllers were at fault,true they are old but they could not satisfactorily explain why all the new 5 poled Hornby,European and Japanese models run like a charm from stop.
It was quite refreshing to see my new Hornby M7 tank run.Right out of the box.Smooth and steady and excelent slow running from stop with my old trusty controllers.How things should be.

The Hornby Eurostar ain't so hot either.

I could go on and on but......

I have been very impressed with the running of european makers Roco et al hence my conversion and interest.
The same goes my ancient and modern Japanese items that run very well.

But I digress,

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