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The other day I decided to pull out my Hornby Pendolino and give it a whirl in a vain attempt to justify spending around 100 quid on it. I was reminded why I haven't done so for some time. As I was watching it stutter and grind along, occasionally stopping dead in it's tracks, intermittently bolting along like a bat out of hell, I was pondering whether anyone had ever made a worse model rail product?

This is no mean challenge, I have never had a loco with unpredictability drive before. The ability to change direction unprompted by use of a controller is no mean feat. It actually sometimes has the forward lights on at one end while travelling the opposite direction. It really is a dire effort.

So what I was wondering was, has anyone every bought a model rail product e.g. loco or train pack, which really sucked? Something so abysmally poor you really felt cheated?

Has anyone ever encountered a loco worse than the Pendolino?
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