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The M&M Light Railway

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I tried to make a very small 0 Gauge layout last year in 4 feet, got the track laid and wired up but found that the operation was a bit limited and I couldn't run all my stock.

Thinking about it again a couple of weeks ago I thought I could double the size and use the track plan that I used in the 1980's.

This is the plan;

The traverser or sector plate is the run round and the design means that I can run a short mixed train, leave the coach in the station and still be able to shunt the sidings. I did have a bay platform on my previous layout but haven't included it here.

M&M is for Marshland, GER tram loco and a Jam factory and Moxley for the Black Country and a Pie & Scratchings factory.

I've made a start on the 3way + LH + RH crossover and will post a pic or two in the 'On my layout' thread when I've finished them.

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Nice looking plan Jim

Keep us posted

Dear Dave,

Thanks for the comment, I used xtrakcad for the design which I'd lost in an HDD disaster and had difficulty finding again, for anyone whose never used it or is having the same difficulty here's the link;

Hi Jim,I to am building a small o gauge layout,this is being made as a learning curve for my main layout but I've become very keen with o gauge.I.ll post some pics when its viewable. Your plan looks good

Im working on a scratchbuilt turntable for this.
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Dear F69,

It's a Reely Grate scale to work in especially if your someone like me with 2 left hands :)

I've been fiddling with my little effort over the past week and have very nearly finished the mechanical bits of the 3 way point plus 1 LH and 1RH to make the crossover.

The track is Code 100 FB the sleepers and crossing timbers are card and the rail is stuck down with super glue. I used some old Hornby point levers with new brass moving bits to operate the points.

Here's a pic of the crossover complete;

And here's another of just the 3 way;

Next job is to glue everything down and then wire it all up.

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Looking sweet Jim,I may confer with you when I make my points
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Of course you can F69, I just hope that I will be able to help you.

Hi Jim,are these kits or did you build the points from scratch?
*** Thats great work Jim... If you truly have two left hands you trained them well :).

I too sometimes use rail glued to wood or card sleepers (mainly when modelling US prototype with flatbottom rail though) and its very effective if done carefully - Your pointwork looks very nicely done indeed and looks 1000% better than off the shelf track could ever aspire to!

I look forward very much to seeing the project develop.

Dear F69,

They are made from scratch using Code 100 flat bottom rail bought from Marcway Models in Sheffield. I put a page up about the making of a single point here: you can see how I make them from the close up pics, well, at least I hope that the pics give sufficient info to be able to.

Dear Richard,

Many thanks for your nice comments it's interesting to find someone else who has used the technique, saves quite a lot of money over the solder to PCB sleepers jobbie.

Flat bottom rail was used in the UK by many light railways here's a pic of one such, the WC & P in 1937 showing an air of dilapidation and some gauge spread by the RH point blade. The platform looks in danger of collapse with so many people waiting, the picture may have been taken during the holiday season.

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Sorry Jim,you did send me this in a previous topic,I get a bit forgetfull at times,too much going on for a little brain to take in.I enjoyed the second link,there was an feature in Hornby mag a few weeks ago on Weston layout,this was of particular interest to me as I spent a lot of my early years living up that way,(had my 1st car accident outside the entrance to weston station) Those points look great by the way,I'll let you know how I get on with mine.
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Hello all,

Errrrrmmm sincere apologies for the 5 year gap, I did finish the layout eventually, after we moved from Brum to Derbyshire.

I took it to the Crewe show and a very kind gentleman there gave me this back scene which transformed it completely.

Some time later I gave it to Ilkeston MRC and in the interim have made a couple of micro layouts after reading about and accepting Carl Arendts challenge. More about them later but not 5 years later :)

Regards - Jim

Seeing the post before this one, may I ask if you made those points Andy?
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Looks fantastic. Could you please post up more pics?


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