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The making of "The mystery of the Blue Train"

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This may be a dud, but who knows it might have some snippets on the locomotive and coaches used in "The Mystery of The Blue Train".

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Is this the Hercule Poirot film?

Any idea of what train would have been used?
I think this was covered some time ago in the section on trains in films. If it's the most recent TV version I think it was filmed on the Bluebell with a Standard 5 (4?) and Pullmans.

There was little train related stuff to see on the program. The loco was a BR standard of some kind but I am not expert enough to tell which. The exterior train shots were all done on the Nene Valley Railway because they have Wagon Lits carriages. There was quite a bit of digital tricky around the edges of the exterior train shots to create the illusion of Callais, Paris, Marseilles etc. For the train "en route" shots, only the locomotive and carriages are real - the rest is courtesy of a lot extra pixels - crossing the viaduct included.

Menton was used as the location for the Riviera shots. An interesting choice since in my opinion it is quite unlike the other towns on the Cote d'Azur being very Italian in its architecture and all the more charming for that.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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