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The Model Railway Manual:

A Step-by-step Guide to Building a Layout
C.J. Freezer

Product Details:

• Hardcover 192 pages (November 1994)

• Publisher: Patrick Stephens Limited (Haynes Group)

• ISBN: 1852605014 Synopsis:

This book shows how to build a complete model railway, starting with the design and construction of a baseboard. It then covers how to plan and construct the layout, including the laying of track, adding the scenery and buildings, as well as the installation of the electrical wiring. The process is taken right through to the finishing touches needed to enhance the realism of the scene being modelled. Today, a comprehensive range of locomotives, coaches and wagons is available that can be used straight from the box, enabling the modeller to concentrate on producing an individualistic operating layout on which they can be run. This comprehensive step-by-step guide takes the reader through all the necessary stages, pointing out potential pitfalls on the way. Chapters include layout planning, laying track, simple electrification, making tunnels, bridges, roads and rivers.

is a thorough book that covers most aspects of the model railway hobby.

Layout planning, baseboard construction,
laying and building the track, background scenes, pointwork and home-made
track, landscaping and building construction and detailing. He also
briefly covers locomotive and rolling stock white metal kit building although this
subject, of course, would be better covered in more detail by itself.

There are plenty of good photos and many
excellent drawings and sketches.

The book was published in 1994 and
although that's 11 years ago, they had invented colour photography and
printing by then. The few colour photos on the cover hint at the authors
appealing use of colour - it is a shame that we can't appreciate that more
in the B&W photos throughout the rest of the book. The author seems to use archaic electrics and methods of control giving
the impression that the book was written in the 60's. I don't claim to be
an expert and I don't have a vast library of model railway books, but I've
seen these modelling methods before just from scanning the Internet a
little, so nothing new there.

I did, on the other hand, appreciate seeing his organisation,
methods of construction and processes of building. The author is a master
of his craft an one can learn much just from watching him do something
that even you many have done before, but differently. His writing style is
clear and readable so following his advice and methods is easy.

I'd give it 8/10 as a modellers book.
Loosing two points for the B&W photos and old style of presentation.

this Book from
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