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There are times when I feel that some of the magazines have merely churned out PR releases, and not taken the trouble to offer constructive criticism.

I have bought both Hornby and Bachmann locos, and I am impressed by the levels of detail, but I do find it infuriating that reviews have glossed over the difficulties associated with fitting DCC chips.

If a loco is marketed as "DCC ready", but still requires major work to remove capacitors, and great care to fit chips to sockets, something is not quite right. Doug Teggin's review of the Hornby Flying Scotsman, highlighted part of the problem, Steve Jones has shown that the Ivatt Mucky Duck is not easy to work on, because of the internal design of the socket on that model.

How far is DCC an afterthought for the Bachmann designers at the moment? The modelling press need to be more critical about this issue of locos being DCC ready. I feel that Bachmann have a very interesting range of steam locos but they do not make it easy for the novice modeller to consider DCC conversion.

The other issue I feel that the magazines do little to improve is associated with the NEM pocket, are the manufacturers working to a common standard for the provision of non tension lock couplings or not? I feel that the magazine teams ought to be less silent about this issue.

Criticism and feedback play a part in advancing standards in this and other hobbies.
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