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I suppose one way of looking at things is that if the modelling press raved about every release the buying public would be rather suspicious and no doubt the rivet counters (you get them in all kinds of pastimes) would cause a fuss.Saying that,I do agree with you Gary that in trying to avoid the aforementioned often the criticisms do seem rather pedantic.
I personally have no interest whatsoever in the overwhelming majority of diesel or electric locomotives but I always read the magazines I buy cover to cover at least once,including reviews of all products released even if they are not steam period related.Having read the reviews of the Bachmann class 57,Hornby class 60 and Heljan class 33 at least Chris Leigh has taken the trouble to include a photograph of a Class 33 to illustrate the points he makes.
On a positive note,is it not a good thing that comments (whether you consider them to be constructive or not) are being made about models that have improved in quality and detail almost immeasureably over the last few years.The competition between Bachmann and Hornby along with Heljan is only of benefit to us,the railway modeller.
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