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QUOTE (Gwent rail @ 14 Nov 2006, 23:31) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Not forgetting the exquisite King George V.

and just to show no GWR blinkers, I'll add Princess Elizabeth.

Not because she was necessarily the best looking loco ever, but because a friend of mine was CME of her overhaul/restoration when at Bulmers in Hereford and I was press ganged into spending a lot of time crawling underneath her with various tools. Dirty, wet, cold and uncomfortable, but totally exhilarating.

Then finally to have the chance to slowly run her up the short stretch of track within Bulmer's factory site when finished. What a loco !!

True! I was also a member of PELS when Lizzie was kept at Bulmers!
Restoration was completed by then but I was involved with the job of replacing the firebox stays.
I was also one of the members who traveled to Hereford on a Friday evening to light her up ready for steam tours or open days over the weekend.
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