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QUOTE (goedel @ 7 Sep 2007, 22:02) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Hello all,

May I introduce Ludmilla's big sister...

On trials near Nürnberg, in a train with an ÖBB measurement coach, tank wagons and pulled by MWB 1116 912.

The picture shows how the monster squeezes into the loading gauge!

...the brand new Siemens Eurorunner ER20CF for the Lithuanian State Railways (Lietuvos Geležinkeliai). Pictures from: here (in German obviously!).

These are the technical details:

Power = 2000 kW (2,700 kW - 3,500 kW on the ER30 versions for DSB, Russian GOST, German EBO)
Maximum speed = 120 km/h
Starting traction effort = 450 kN
Weight = 138t
Length = 22,85 m

This is the new face of Siemens diesel cabs, designed to meet the new European-wide safety standards and in this case give a brute the face of a bruiser...all very good...this locomotive just says get out of my way - or get squashed very thoroughly! It probably eats lost sheds for breakfast before taking bites out of passing electrics!!


Hi Goedel,

Competition for the Blue Tiger perhaps

DE-AC33C Diesel Electric "Blue Tiger". A joint project of General Electric and Adtranz (now Bombardier)

Built: 1997
Wheel arrangement: Co-Co
Weight: 108/128 tons
Length: 23,40 m
System: Diesel Electric
Power: 2460/3280 kW
Speed: 120/160 km/h
Max tractive effort: 517kN

It seems as if Ludmilla has more than one BIG SISTER!
Maybe the Class 66 is another big sister we forgot about.

I have the Mehano HO-models of the 1st and 2nd generation Blue Tigers as well as the Class 66 and must say that I am pretty happy with the models. I am looking forward to the release of the Siemens Eurorunner ER20CF in HO-scale and will definitely add one to my fleet. (Just when you think your fleet is complete a new "must have" model appears on the scene!) The big question now is who will be the first manufacturer to place it on the market.

Enjoy our hobby.

Kind regards.


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QUOTE (BRITHO @ 11 Sep 2007, 14:34) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Johan - just for you information, the sheds mentioned in Goedel's post, see extract above are class 66's. The nickname for the class 66 here in the UK is shed.



Thanks for the info - never to old to learn something in this fascinating hobby.
Quite a descriptive nickname.

Now I also know what happened to the other "big sister"!

Kind regards.

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