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You could hide the hat under a station masters cap.

Some clever clogs could have a demo of the mind hat at an exhibition.

Somebody out of sight with a radio earpiece could be controlling the train as the hat wearer (wearing a hidden mic) told the amazed audience what he was thinking!

This could be the next great Hornby development and I can just picture in my mind a member of the Hornby staff demoing the hat at the next Hornby roadshow to the amazement of onlooking kids!

Happy modelling

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>...............DC ?
No it's got to be AC!


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Graham is correct, DCC is the future. Here in the States DCC has been around a little longer and has been constanly improving. I just finished installing DCC in a Steam Rotary Snow Plow, interior lighting and adjustable speed control of the rotary blade from idling to full throttle from the DCC contoller. Just stick with it, it will get better for all you in the UK.
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