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The Night Sky

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I have been toying with the idea of a transitional backscene sky from the usual daylight blue to some raincloud and into evening. Has anyone ever done this?
It's quite tricky as jet black doesn't seem right. Then there are stars. Any thoughts?
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One of the layouts at Pecorama has a 24 lighting scheme. It's very effective. I think there is a German company that does a day / night lighting system for model railways but it isn't cheap. I think it might have been mentioned in a Nurnberg toy fair report?

You can buy "star light" lighting kits. They consist of bundles of optic fibre of differing lengths and a single light source. The idea is that you feed them through your false ceiling. These definitely are not cheap. Here's a link to a site selling them. I have the site bookmarked because I am thinking of installing a lighting track in the loft and this company has a fairly wide range.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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