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Thanks a lot for that link to the museum Dennis.
I have actually been starting to model the N&W in a small way and some of the photos this guy have taken are awesome. The pictures of a Y6b thundering down main street is incredible. Funnily enough when I was recreating an American main street I seemed to remember some towns having railroads going down the middle but when I came to think about it I thought maybe thats not right. So it was good to find out that I had not imagined that.

The shop has lots of stuff which I am really tempted by. I was halfway to buying most of their dvd's before I remembered that you have a different TV system in the states. However I will certainly be having one or two of the books and the calender too. The photos are brilliant.

It really is a reminder of how important it is to take photos for future generations to see accurately what has gone before. This guy has really captured his era well. If I could afford it I'd love one of his prints. $4000 is a bit steep though.

Have you seen this film? Does it contain much rail content?
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